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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 11, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, president trump's newest threat to north korea. >> he will regret it fast. >> his warning -- the u.s. is locked and loaded. and the message to kim jong-un, this man will not get away with what he's doing. hospital evacuated. more than a dozen sickened by mysterious fumes. the e.r. and operating rooms cleared. doctors and patients wheeled out on stretchers. our reporter on the scene. the flash flood threat this weekend. hail and heavy rain stretching from texas to new york. an american businessman arrested after this video sparked outrage. the jogger pushes a woman to the ground, into the path of an oncoming bus. tonight, he insists it's not him. the car falling seven stories, crashing onto a driver below. now questions about parking lot safety. and a major headline from the nfl. one of america's star players, benched. the accusation from his ex-girlfriend and what he's
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saying tonight. good evening.> good evening. and thank you for joining us on this friday night. i'm cecilia vega in for david. just moments ago, president trump and his top aides appearing before the camera, addressing the growing threat o. today he issued another threat. his third this week. the president saying the u.s. is locked and loaded. military solutions are now fully in place. and late today, the direct message to north korea's leader if he goes after any american territory or ally, he will truly regret it and regret it fast. abc's chief global afamp
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correspondent martha raddatz from seoul, south korea. >> reporter: today, b-1 bombers flying practice missions above the pacific. and president trump from his bedminister golf club doubling down on his alarming warnings to north korea, tweeting -- "military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong un will find another path." the president making clear today the consequences if kim doesn't. >> i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said, and what i said is what i mean. those words are very, very easy to understand. >> reporter: it is the third day in a row of military warnings from the president. >> if he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat, which, by the way, he has been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years, or if he does anything
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with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it, and he will regret it fast. >> reporter: uts officials tell abc there is no high alert for a of s. preparedness. >> the u.s. military has been planning for north korea aggression for 60 year'r eyth e guard. >> reporter: from north korea tonight, silence. nothing since it announced that plan to launch four missiles to the waters near guam. the president tonight is not backing off. >> tens of millions of people in this country are so happy with what i'm saying. finally we have a president who is sticking up for our country will and finally sticking up for our friends and allies. >> reporter: late today, flanked by the secretary of state and the ambassador to the u.n., this prediction -- >> hopefully it will work out. we any that a lot of good things could happen and we also can have a bad solution.
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we think good things can happen. >> and martha raddatz live from seoul. strong words there from the president, saying kim jong-un will not get away with what he is doing. but we are learning of rampbed up rhetoric. but the u.s. is secretly in back korea? >> reporter: exactly. this started to get u.s. prisoners released from north korea. the back channel negotiations are continuing. we don't know what they're talking about at this point but they have expanded them. cecilia. >> thank you. we want to turn to the north korean threat that is aimed directly at the u.s. territory of guam. and today, an ominous warning went to residents there. how to protect themselves in case of an attack. abc's correspondent jim avila was there.
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>> reporter: with guam in the crosshairs tonight, their office of homeland security and civil defense issuing these pamphlets to help prepare for "an imminent missile threat." warning to "not look at the flash or fireball. it can blind y to "shelte."r in place" byou seg off doors and windows, and to is ask "expect to stay inside for at least 24 hours unless other told by authorities." >> it's scary, the thought of it. >> reporter: north korea is four hours away by plane but just 14 minutes by ballistic missile. today on the islands known as the tip of the spear, families know they are in the middle of two nuclear nations. >> we are staying calm, living our lives and at same time making preparations. >> reporter: guam is a target because of the military bases here. different because it's a specific threat and a date in mid august. and you can see from the local paper, they are taking the threat seriously. >> thank you.
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we do want to movie on at a mystery at a new hampshire hospital. nearly 20 staff members falling sick. patients rushed out to a makeshift ward set up on the lawn. a hazmat team is joining in the investigation. the scene. >> reporter: tonight, chaos and conf n hpshius an siinde hospital. >> transmitting a box right to instigation in the er. >> reporter: just after 9:00 a.m., staffers at exeter hospital report feeling nauseous and dizzy. >> everyone affected from the dizziness and nausea were stf members. >> reporter: officials
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investigate and find nothing as more staffer fall sick, 19 in all. ambulances rushing to the scene. patients from the emergency room wheeled outside out on gurneys. doctors treating them right there on the lawn. >> we have transferred 12 staff members to other area hospitals to be evaluated. >> reporter: inside that hospital, a mystery. >> obviously the rumor got out that it's anesthesia gas, we don't know that. we don't know if there's a leak. >> reporter: the e.r. and the operating room shut off the rest of the hospital as hazmat teams take samples. >> that's why we closed the e.r. we don't want people in and out opening up the hall ways and doors. so we can keep the possible
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contamination to a minimum. >> quite a scene there. eva pilgrim joins us with the latest outside that hospital. what is the latest on the condition of the staff members? >> reporter: we know seven of the patients have gone home so far tonight. the emergency room, the operating room, they remain closed tonight. the hospital hazmat teams are going in for a second round of testing to try to he bottom of this. t>> thagenkto yout . we want to turn next to the heavy storm sweeping across much of the country. at this hour, a flash flood threat. monsoon storms toppling trees right there in arizona. heavy rain and hail in the denver metro area. and get ready for the weekend. a new storm front from texas to new york. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano here with it all. >> this is a wide reaching system. a huge swath of the country. impact, heavy rain across the south. and monsoon rains and flasd tcdih ooflfor oklahoma. that's where the ground is saturated. the front will stall there and push east and squeeze more storms out tonight. ohio, pennsylvania. ontario. and tomorrow, two storms early in the morning and the rain in the mid-atlantic and back through the southern plains, 3 or 4 inches on top of what they already have. flooding will continue to be an issue there into the weekend. >> a one-two punch more there tomorrow. thanks, rob. next to trouble in the air. two flights making unexpected landings within a few hours of each other. both jetblue and both because
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crew members complained about feeling sick in the cabin. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: tonight, mystery aboard two jetblue flights. >> you guys smell gas, right? >> reporter: diverted on the same day. >> they got a noxious odor on the aircraft. appears to be a smokey type smell. >> reporter: a flight from boston to san diego landing in buffalo. firefighters boarding the plane. two flight attendants and a pilot were taken to the hospital. video shows one of them getting oxygen in the terminal. some passengers reported headaches. >> it was really traumatic and anxiety riddled and terrifying. >> reporter: in south florida, another strange odor forcing a flight from ft. lauderdale to barbados, to make a u-turn. three flight attendants complaining of headaches. >> developing chest pains, somebody on oxygen because of the fumes. >> reporter: they were all treated on site. still not clear what caused the problems on the flights. the passengers made it to their destination. and jetblue is investigating.
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cecilia? >> thanks. in london tonight, an arrest making global headlines ach this scene on a bridge. a jogger pushing a woman into a bus. it was caught on video footage. london police arresting a u.s. investment banker. tonight he is out but his lawyers say they have the wrong man. here is james longman. >> reporter: it's the viral video shocking the internet. a jogger appears to push a woman in front of a london bus. look again at the man in the grey shirt. he runs g the sidewalk, onal straight into a woman walking the other way. sh e falls into t inches from her head. >> if it hadn't been for very good reflexes on the part of the bus driver or the level of force was such to push her even further into the road, almost certainly this could have ended in a fatality. >> reporter: tips pouring into police, who confirm they made an
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arrest thursday in that may 5th incident. and tonight, attorneys for eric bellquist, an american businessman, confirming he was arrested, but insisting bellquist is not jhe tr geog writing in a statement. "our client has been wrongly implicated in this matter. he categorically denies being the individual concerned and has irrefutable proof that he was in the united states at the time of the incident. attorneys for bellquist not yet saying what that irrefutable proof is, but police confirm they did release the man they arrested and have not filed any charges in the case. cecilia? >> thank you. back here at home, there is a new twist in the russia investigation. investigators want to talk to president trump's long time assistant. a woman considered to be his gate keeper and they want to know what she may know about the meeting with russians at trump tower. here is about's david wright. >> reporter: tonight congressional investigators tell abc news they are eager to talk with the woman who has been donald trump's gatekeeper for nearly 30 years. rhona graff, seen here on "the apprentice," her official title, senior vice president of the trump organization. trusted with his schedule and much of his correspondence. although, apparently not aware
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of the president-elect's first intelligence briefing. >> nobody knew, not even rhona, my executive assistant for years, she didn't know. i didn't tell her. >> reporter: her name, mentioned in that initial overture to don trump junior promisighhi " level and sensitive information" from russian government sources about trump's opponent, hillary clinton. i can also send this info to your father via rhona, the email concludes. "but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you first." >> we're also going to want to see, as referenced in that e-mail, whether the president's assistant received any communications from the russians. >> reporter: graff is not accused of any wrongdoing, but investigators hope she may be able to shed light on what her boss may have known. the trump organization says no one has reached out to her yet. >> and david wright joins us no. rhona graff has been called his right hand man.
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she is known to print e-mails for him. what are investigators looking the president is not much of an e-mail guy. and we are told he would print e-mails out for review and response. investigators are really looking for any additional insight she can provide. they are casting a wide net. >> they certainly are. david, thank you. sunday on "this week" george will have an interview with anthony scaramucci, that is his first interview since after he left the white house after ten days on the job. a crash in egypt. two passenger trains colliding. look at this. one plowing into another that was stopped at a small station there. cars knocked off the tracks. others there in a tangled pile. 43 people were killed, making it egypt's deadliest train accident in more than a decade.
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now to a frightening scene oo l atin, texas. a car plunging seven floors, hitting a car down below. amazingly both drivers survive. abc's victor oqu wdoenith the video tonight. >> reporter: that heart-stopping moment of impact. the car plummeting nose first to the ground from this garage in austin texas, clipping that building and slamming the back of another car on its way down. the driver mistaking the gas pedal for the break police say plowing through the retention cables on the seventh level last month. stunned witnesses rushing to rescue the woman who had serious injuries but incredibly survived. driver william burch narrowly escaping. >> once i realized i was okay, i put it in park and jumped out to help that lady. >> reporter: tonight serious questions about the strength of
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those cable barriers. last september a driver broke through the steel cables of that same garage and was left dangling before climbing to safety. they are putting them through a complete redesign. there is still more ahead on "world news" this friday. breaking nfl news. a major football star suspended. the accusations from his ex-girlfriend. how he is now responding. plus the new weight loss alert tonight. the fda investigating a procedure possibly linked to the death of several patients. and dozens of hiding devices in gas station pumps, stealing your credit card information. what to look out for when you go to fill up. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it.
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as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising.eedk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. next tonight, the consumer warning at the pumps. authorities in arizona are revealing dozens of skimming devices have been found across ste state allowing thieves to yol eareur information and you need to look close to spot one. abc's kenneth moton with your
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money. >> reporter: a warning when you swipe your card at the pump it only takes eight seconds for thieves to set a trap and steal your information. >> they know how to get in and out quick. >> reporter: this hidden camera showing fast hands at work. a thief coming back for that skimming device packed with credit card numbers. right now police searching for this pair allegedly caught on camera installing a skimmer in arizona. 40 discovered in that state so far this year. the number of hacked card readers in the u.s. jumping 30% in 2016. but now the crime turning high tech. >> they are equip with cell phone technology to a mobile location. >> reporter: pick the gas bump closest to the clerk. they target pumps away from sight.
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using your credit card is safer than debt. police say not even security chips are making a dent on skimming crimes. the safest way is to pay in cash. >> a good reminder, thank you. when we come book, a new medical headline tonight. a weight loss procedure linked to the death of several patients. and a daredevil and this video, the stunt carried out right now on the top of the golden gate bridge. my arms? that's cool. g inbeormfco that's cool. getting the body you want without surgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment.
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ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral ation treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. mn a major football star suspended by the nfl. cowboys running back ezekiel elliott benched for six games. his ex-girlfriend accusing him of repeated domestic abuse. elliott saying the league's investigation cherry picks so-called evidence to support its conclusion. while ignoring other critical evidence. he is expected to appeal. and a daredevil sued in california. two young men from wisconsin posting this video showing them climbing up the golden gate bridge swinging from cables, hanging 750 feet above traffic. the golden gate bridge district sued them for trespassing and profiting from that video. t we
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tonight. the fda is investigating the death of five people who had gastric balloons implanted in their stomach. beats obesity by fooling people into thinking they're full. the fda is working with the device manufactures to find out if the balloons or procedures or possibly to blame and urges health care providers to monitor patients for complications. when we come back, we have been there, lost luggage and what passenger, what was in that bag? wait until you see how she got it back. the ford summer sales event is in full swing. it's gonna work, i promise you, we can figure this out. babe... little help. -hold on, mom. no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's bestng brand. li now -swith summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in.
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and finally tonight, america strong. one passenger distraught when he luggage went missing. the critical medicine she needed was inside. and a southwest employee knew it and made good on a big promise. here is abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: we've all been there. you land safely but your bag doesn't. >> they said, oh, it'd be coming on your later original flight and we'll call you when it arrives at 6:30. >> reporter: it happened to stacey hurt in pittsburgh. she arrived home, but her bag with important medicine she depends on in her fight with colon cancer was still stuck in nashville. >> i immediately got very distraught, very emotional because i knew i had chemo therapy the next morning. >> reporter: by the time her bags arrived in the wee hours of the morning, the delivery services had all gone home. and that's where this agent at southwest airlines went above and beyond. sarah rowan had promised that the bag would be delivered, so she first wrote a note she put
5:58 pm
inside the bag, "sorry for the delay. kick that cancer's butt." and then, at 3:00 a.m., she personally drove it to the passenger's home. and put it on the front porch. this was the moment recorded by our station wtae in pittsburgh when stacey hurt came back to the airport to thank and meet her new friend. sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest difference. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> thank you for watching tonight. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. attacking flames in wine country. we have an update on breaking news as a wildfire threatens
5:59 pm
homes. why the effort to remove the judge behind the brock turner rape sentence has hit a snag. saving the season. the effort to get a football team on the field after thieves eastl now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> we're still k eye on thiseenng bre aaking news. a wildfire burning in napa county. that fire has charred at least 100 acres. it broke out just before 1:00 this amp. you're now looking live at the fire from sky 7. sky 7 is over the area, you can't really see any flames. the fire does threaten structures. it's 10% contained. right now evacuation orders are in effect between turtle rock and the summerston estate winery. >> fe ssrewsreal getting a handle on a 100 acre fire burning grass and oak trees in morgan hill. it started just before 3:00 this
6:00 pm
afternoon in the northern part of the city. the morgan hill webcam shows smoke drifting over homes. no buildings are threatened and no evacuations. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. > and i'm ma a arrested a man accused of shooting and killing a liquor store jose. >> janeane is live where family is getting ready to honor him tonight. >> reporter: dan, the lee family is grieving. they are grateful to the police department. as you can see, there is a growing memorial in front of the lee's family liquor store. in about an hour and a half, the family willr here, so ahere gat community members for charlie lee. it's been an agonizing week for the family of charlie lee, a 58-year-old man shot and killed


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